To be a Writer – Issa Dioume

Read in the bus,Read in the waiting room of an interview for a better job,Read while treading tar-black bent sidewalks to a less enjoyable job,Read from a hospital bed dressed in white,Read from your dank prison cell,Read in the dark and in the silence when no one can know you like to read in your…

Improving one’s prose in minutes #2: Pleonasms – Issa A. Dioume

Short note on pleonasm, and easy exercise to check understanding.

#1 Short-story by Issa Dioume (THE CLICHED DETECTIVE-STORY)

Victor Verdun is fifty years old. He sits at his desk, thinking and despondent.

Style Training With Ursula K. Le Guin, Exercise.2: Am I Saramago {2nd attempt}

My 2nd Attempt At this Challenging Stylistic Exercise. Please, do tell me how I did this time around!