Improving one’s prose in minutes #2: Pleonasms – Issa A. Dioume

Short note on pleonasm, and easy exercise to check understanding.


Jenny Ran Sur The Colline —- French & English !But, Same Themes & Ideas (By Issa Dioume in collaboration with Aimé Lesot)

Jenny courait sur la colline. Ses fossettes creusaient ses joues, témoignaient de sa joie manifeste. Ses pieds martelaient le chemin en terre, laissaient des empruntes et délogeaient les petits cailloux de leur cratère dorénavant appauvris. Devant: un horizon sans ligne - seulement de grands arbres, feutrant les rayons du soleil. Derrière: seulement le souvenir de…

Silent Falling Bird of A Flock [Poem] by Issa Dioume

...Hiding my emotions like an enamoured prostitute. Or an actor, trying to make his debut on this twisted scale. Harloting my way through life, a simulated masquerade, trying not to 'fail'. Beneath, this masked trade hides a performer. me. Outside lies the judging audience, silent observer. THEM. Only one believes the performance matters and fears…